Votifier installation

Do you want as server owner to automatically process all your votes?
Then we have the perfect free solution!
ServerPact offers a Votifier API to handle this!

First you need to install Votifier on your Minecraft server.
To do this, look on the Votifier Dev Bukkit page and click on 'Download'.
Then you upload the plugin to the '/plugins' folder.

Make sure the ip is (=bind to all interfaces)
and the port 8192 is open for TCP traffic.
If you host on a Minecraft Webhoster, ask with port between 8192 and 8210 you can use.

On our site, you use your WAN IP. (x.x.x.x)

Now you can install a Votifier Listener for your server.
You can find listeners on the listeners forum.
(Tip! Votifier logger! FlatfileVoteListener.class)
Place the listener in the plugins > Votifier > listener directory that you need to create.

After this, you restart your server!

Need video tutorial? Watch the Votifier Installation Tutorial step by step.

Now you are ready and you can activate the Votifier plugin on our website.
For this, go to the Votifier Activation Page!

Problems with installation? Ask help on our forum topic.

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