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ServerPact is a combination of MinecraftServerlist.eu, forums and other communities. ServerPact offers Dutch and English vote sites for different games. We originated from Minecraft and have expanded since. ServerPact also exists out of ServerPact forums where there's place for administrators from online games as there is for players.

Minecraft Server List is a website where you'll find a list with all kinds of servers. Players can search servers on a criteria like: Survival, Creative, Cracked, Legal, CraftBukkit, Tekkit or Feed The Beast.

Our website has a bunch of benefits for server owners, their server will gain a lot of players. The more votes the server gets, the higher it will show in our list. Server admins decide if they'll vote actively themselves. Our vote site will be reset every 1st day of the month in the early morning. Our vote site currently grows with about 200 servers a month!

Nb: The videos below are a couple of years old.

A website made with for online servers like Minecraft!
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