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Hello. And welcome to our TPPI server, TPPI is a FTB modpack that comprises of 181 mods for more info go here...

Our server is for players who want to build up a base with others and work through the mods with others.

Current Server Rules:
Be Kind
Dont Steal
Dont Kill (Killing Friends is fine but when they say enough stop )
Dont Grief (This includes blowing up other peoples things or making a mess of their builds)
If/When we get a mining world please mine in it...
Dont make mystcraft worlds without asking an admin first or they will be removed...
We dont have any banned mods but dont abuse anything that might dupe items or crash the server...

To get onto the server post a chat message down below or at with your IGN and why you want to join... If you want to get whitelisted faster please hop on our Teamspeak3 server we will be able to respond much quicker. Also if you are going to play on the server please try be active on the server or in teamspeak.

To get the modpack TPPI you need the FTB launcher, the download can be found here
Once you have got it open the launcher and go to 3rd Party Packs it will be the 4th one down.
We are currently running the Reccomended Build so you dont need to change the version.

We are hosting the server on a dedicated box with 8GB of RAM and beefy processor so there wont be any lagg, and we try to allways have admins around so if you need help feel free to ask them.

Thats about it... Hope to see you on the server

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