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Survival Legal Version 1.6.4


The current Year, 2222:
Its been over a century since our Ship arrived on this planet. At first, a bunker built from most of the ships hull has kept us safe while we have deployed the Terraforming generators.
Now, the new "World" expands before our eyes and a few towns have been established. The First called Eldar Town, the second called Aeronia. Many more started to rise from the ground.
We have also discovered a new planet - Skyla. It has a strange core that acts much like a black hole but is contained and does not draw further mass, it seems to be just a void.
People are starting to wake from their Cryogenic status to start their new lives in the world, will you?


This is a Mature Server with no kiddy drama. Mature Owner/Admin/Mods.
AntiCheat, AntiGrief, AntiLag, AntiHack.

Very strong and friendly community.

Most importantly your builds are safe. Tired of playing on servers that lose maps or get corrupted data, run out of funds, etc? We have multiple backups and use a dedicated server for 222craft ONLY.

Join us today on today, you wont be sorry.

Server IP:


In-Game Features: Money Currency, Towns, Tradehub, Skill levels, Death Chests, Tools & Armour Repairing, Ranking System, Donator perks, ...
Website Features: Forum, Live Map, Auction house, Webmail & Webchat, Mumble voice chat, Guides...

A perfect Combination of Plugins to create a fun exciting world with plenty to do.


Now that you have awoken from your sleep, we ask you fill out your application form to confirm you would like to leave your cryogenic state and join in the world of the living again. Can you Dig it?
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A server for Mature Players. Survival RPG Bukkit Server: AntiCheat, AntiGrief, AntiLag, AntiSpam mcMMO, Econ, Stats, competitions, minigames, tournaments, storyline, Tekkit, FTB, Linked Chat.

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