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IP: AlienRage.PlayAt.CH

Survival PvP Legal Version 1.6.4


Small but fun Minecraft hardcore server with nice people.

1. Griefing, killing, stealing, war and raiding are all allowed.
2. No hacked Clients
3. Please keep swearing at minimum
4. No insulting other players
5. Dont beg for ranks
6. No spawn camping
7. No xray or client mods to gain an advantage
8. Advertising is a ban.
9. Kill XgermZ

Full plugin list:
Essentials, McMMO, Citizens, NoCheatPlus, HeadHunter, ChestShop, WarpPortals, TimTheEnchanter, GrapplingHook, RishAutoMessage, WorldGuard (House protection not allowed, only for admin property), ClearLag, PermissionsEX, Multiverse and Iconomy.

Owner: TemplarJolly (Lewis)

Admins: XgermZ, Slacksteve, DemonRiderX, Waterandfire (Brandon), 112soko (Scott), Redxephos9000_ (Idiot).
Mods: Jacobws99, Proballin62, AlexIIL, bigmanjan.

We will help when needed, but this is a hardcore anarchy server. That means we wont spawn you items or help you survive.

Have fun.

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