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Survival PvP Legal Votifier Server Version 1.5.2


FTB Unleashed 1.1.4

We are using the most recent version of Unleashed that includes many fixes to problems in the current recommended version.
To use this, select FTB Unleashed in the launcher and click on where it says recommended and change it to 1.1.4. After
your update is complete click on edit mod pack and enable all mods except for death timer and enchanting plus. This will
allow you to connect to our server. If you are interested in the changes from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 you can find them here.

We use MyTown for antigrief protection and have bukkit installed.

Additionally, we have the following:

1. votifier enabled voting (rewards.)
2. ontime for monitoring in-game time to autopromote based on play time. (will be adding additional time based rewards)
3. separate mining world for quarries
4. economy
5. extensive services at spawn (spawn shop, bank (currency conversion), player purchasable plots for shops, resources available to spawn plots (power/water/lava) )
6. donator exclusive shop
7. few items are banned, some are rank dependent, some are available for purchase from the server shop


1. creative world
2. adventure mode world

Helpful staff are usually online to assist players.

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