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Survival Legal Version 1.5.2


Feed the Beast Minecraft version 1.5.2 Unleashed

Blacklisted Items:
Mining lasers
Explosive items
Portal guns

Banned Armor Mods:
Lux Capacitor
Plasma Cannon
Torch Placer

Limited Items:
Quarrys: Only enabled in nether, mining and twilight worlds and only usable by Members and higher ranks.
Turtles: Only usable in nether, mining and twilight worlds.
Item Frames: Only placable by VIP and higher ranks.
Soul cages: Only placeable by VIP and higher ranks.

Main world: Main building world where you claim land and build your hearts out. (Quarrys disabled in this world)
Twilight Forest: Great adventuring world, also filled with new resources, quarrys enabled in this world
QuarryWorld: A world specially for mining/quarrying, keep in mind that this world will be reset every Friday at 23:00 CET
Nether: Another adventuring world with new resources which also gets regenerated monthly, quarrys enabled in this world.

Guest - Guest of the server, basic kit, no extras.
Member - Obtained after 36 hours playing time, roughly 1 week on the server.
Regular - Obtained after 144 hours play time, roughly 1 month on the server.
VIP - Donor rank click "here" (Link: for more info
Moderator - Dennis_MagiCobra, Electrical82, Mandy_M86, Mecowaty
Admin - Merlin_NL, Monnaroth, Override78


* No griefing, stealing or scamming

* No hacks of any kind

* No mass breaders, loaders, quarrys or anything that hogs system resources

* No disrespecting other players

* No cursing

* No begging for items or ranks

* No spamming or excessive CAPs in chat

* No advertising other servers in chat

* Build away from others, use /f map in game to make sure no land is claimed near by

Donation Benefits:

Visit or for full details on Donation/VIP packages, commands and ranks.

Disclaimer: Privileges can be withdrawn at any time and donators can still be banned if they do not comply with the rules.

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