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Here at the Cyandale servers we pride ourselves on keeping our server up 100% of the time thats why we are not afraid to call ourselves 24/7. Although out in the wilderness you will find many dangers you can be sure that when you go back and relax in your very own town you will be safe from any member you dont want to have dealings with.

Using plugins such as

-Multi-Verse -Towny -Chest Shops

Cyanpack What can i do?

As a FREE user, yes the server is free to play indefinatly. you get full use of all aspects of the server, You can build, fight, protect and mine just like any member in the server. But its not until you donate that you see the true potential of what this server can be. Multiverse allows us to dedicate to you your very own world to rule over as you wish, You may want to herit and live and build in it by yourself. You might be kind hearted and let any one and everyone use it. But then again you could be a war monger and set PVP on and fight your way to glory.

Special events held each weekend allow users to interact with each other as well as earn special prizes and bonus in game. Ore hunts, chest searches and easter egg hunts are all games that allow our members to gain extra items and ores each weekend.

The buddy reward scheme allows everyone who is activly trying to recruit for the server to be rewarded in an amazing way. For every 5 people you bring to the server you will get a different donators package 100% free. yes thats right No money but lots of reward just for getting your friends to come along and play on the server... ? Cyandale Contact details.

Email: [email protected] OR [email protected]
Website: (Tempary website while Domain is transferred.)
Server IP:

Cyandale Disclaimer.

Although used in this pack Cyandale owns no rights to any of the mods or plugins included and takes no credit for them. If any mod pack creator would like credit adding to the mod pack list/website email [email protected] and it can be arranged.

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