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Zerox Minecraft
Everything you would want to play all on one server.

On the Zerox Network Minecraft Server, we have everything you might want to play all built to perfection. Read below for more detailed descriptions of the separate parts of the server.

Prison ( /prison )

With our prison, we strived to make it alot different to every other prison server, so that we could stand out of the crowd. We did this by scraping the usual bland stone themes and going a nether brick and quartz theme. Also in the PvP area we went for biomes, which bring more diversity to the combat with beacons too that give you extra abilities. We highly suggest checking out the donor mine, its alot better than you could imagine )

Parkour ( /parkour )

We have a custom built parkour with varying difficulty from Easy to Extreme. If you can complete the Extreme parkour in one life, why not record it and we will give you a special present. We hope you enjoy it, and we will be adding more courses in the future.

HungerGames ( /hungergames )

We currently have 2 HungerGames maps, Chernobyl and Forest. They are two brilliantly made maps with 100s of chests that will hopefully keep people playing for hours on end. In the future we will be adding an extra 3 maps, however on launch there is only 2.

Survival ( /survival )

The survival world is what it says in the tin .. Plain survival like everybody knows and loves with a nice spawn and a shop for people to buy items to start them off quicker. We hope you like it, and hide so people dont find you )

Creative ( /creative )

The creative world is somewhere where you can show your true building skills and show it to the world. You can create anyuthing you want, from a house to a parkour course and beyond ..

Mini-Games ( /minigames )

Coming soon...

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