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Survival PvP Legal Votifier Server Version 1.6.2


Transcendence is a Survival server featuring a vast, custom-made world for your enjoyment.

We run approximately 25 plugins to deliver a unique minecraft experience while still giving you the freedom to do as you please without having to memorize a ton of commands or watching hours of tutorials.

Some of our plugins are:

Playerheads: Killing players have a chance to drop their head, which you can then keep, sell or mount as a trophy.
The heads maintain the skin of the player and can be clicked to see their name.

HealthBar: All mobs have healthbars above their heads when theyre in combat.

McMMO: Adds a MMO style leveling system to the game, making you able to improve your skills as you use them and also gain active, and passive abilities.

If you mine a lot, youll get better at mining, do it faster and find more goodies.

Mobarena: Allows you to join an arena where you will fight increasingly hard waves of mobs and bosses, you have several classes to choose from and can fight either alone or with friends.

Towny: Allows you to join or create towns in which everything you build is protected from griefing.

Hyperconomy: A dynamic market featuring just about all minecraft items and blocks, you can sell and buy whatever you want to the economy and prices will change depending on available stock.

Dynmap: A live, fully fledged, automatically updating map of the entire 7000 block wide world, you can use this to watch the server, find that special spot you always wanted or to find the location of other players (if theyre above ground)
Here, take a look:

We hope to see you soon :)

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