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Survival Legal Votifier Server Version 1.6.2


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At Felysium, our goal is to have an environment that includes positive interaction between players. We believe that the best way to create lasting fun is for people to be friends, and we think that this server can be a great opportunity for this. Our server is already established in terms of features, stability and performance, which means you wont have to wait around for the server to improve enough for the gameplay to be enjoyable. Unfortunately most servers dont start out this way, which is why we believe your time with us will be enjoyable.

Essentials: So you can /home, /spawn, and all that fun stuff.
CoreProtect: So if someone *does* grief you or something, they get banned and your giant squid house that youíve been working on for months is exactly how you left it.
LWC: Lock your chests and furnaces so people cant steal from them.
Physical Economy: Trade with other players.
Postal: Send mail to each other.
IRC: The chat is integrated into an IRC channel so you can talk to people when you arenít actually ingame.
Ventrilio: Voice chat.
Website: Who doesnt like having a place to share your content?.
Craftbook: Bunches of features.
General Rules:
Be considerate of other players

Be respectful to staff

Use chat appropriately

Follow building guidelines: No 1x1 towers/holes, dont build close to peoples constructions without permission.

Do not use hacks/cheats, exploits, or glitches.

Absolutely no advertising of other servers.

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