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PvP Version 1.2.5


Griefing is allowed however fire spread is not on. Players must survive not only the mobs during the night, but players must survive the wrath of other players with griefing and raiding allowed. There is absolutely no swings or anything to get around the rules in my server. You can be who you want to be. you can be the biggest faction, the richest player, or the badass who kills everybody this server is not like any other. Basically i am not held acountable for your items or your house. Have fun and JOIN TODAY!

Factions: Limit to 50 Max players to one faction
Iconomy: Everyone starts out with $250 so spend wisely
Any additional Questions PLEASE ASK AT MY FORUM PAGE!

The Link for the forums will be in the server
Additional Details
My server is not like any other server. This server has no rankings which mean there is absolutely no corruption. Im a simple server owner, i let you do anything you want to do. Anything is possible

Come now and join the server fast fast!!!

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