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Survival PvP Legal Version 1.5.2


We are a server dedicated to having fun in Minecraft, but that alone isnt enough.
So we added : PvP, Survival, Staff and more

At the moment there is, a nice spawn, nice staff, buyable ranks ( check links below ) and plugins to enhance the gameplay even more.


We are NOT looking for staff as of yet, asking for it will result in a BAN.
Just please dont do it, when the time is right ( when we need staff ) you can go ahead and apply. And BTW dont even bother asking for items ( BAN aswell ) because the server is survival we are NOT going to give away random items, buildings or ranks. I hope you understand

We hope you enjoy your time on the server ( maybe youll even find it worth it to donate at a given point )

Heres our IP :
Heres our SRV :
Heres our webshop :

~The SquareCubed team

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