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Survival Vanilla Legal Version 1.19.4


Are you looking to play Minecraft without any rules and limits? Look no further than The Graveyard, an Anarchy Minecraft server that sticks close to the vanilla experience while allowing you to run wild.

Build awesome stuff with your friends. With free hack clients - like Wurst - you’ll surpass the limits of survival in minutes.
Unlike many other Anarchy servers, flying is not blocked on The Graveyard.
Go base hunting and raiding with your buddies. The admins won’t be looking over your shoulders.
Destroy the spawn area. Exploit all the dupes. Run wild with Minecraft botting.

Anything is possible and everything is allowed. Join the chaos at
Drop by our Discord sometime:

The Graveyard is currently on version 1.19.4, with plans to upgrade to 1.20.x.

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