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Survival PvP Legal Votifier Server Version 1.19.4


Welcome to Odincraft, a Minecraft server that offers endless possibilities. Were thrilled that youve decided to join our community, and we cant wait to show you everything our server has to offer. Whether youre a seasoned Minecraft player or just starting out, were confident that youll find something to love on our server.

At Odincraft, we offer three exciting game modes that you can access from our central HUB. Each game mode has its unique challenges and rewards, and we encourage you to try them all to find your favourite. Heres a brief overview of each game mode:

Earth Survival:
The Earth Map is an exact 1:1500 scaled copy of the real earth. This means that players can play as if they were playing in the real world. All country borders on the map is marked with stonebricks. When its scaled 1:1500, it means that 1 Minecraft block is equal to 1500m in real life.

Free for All:
In this game mode, youll battle against other players in an open arena. The last player standing wins the game. This is a great game mode for players who love fast-paced action and intense combat.

BoxPVP is a game mode where players fight against each other in a small, enclosed arena. This is a great game mode for players who love close-quarters combat and strategic thinking.

Lifesteal: coming soon
In Lifesteal, players must collect resources and build their own fortresses while fighting against other players. The catch is that every time you take damage, you lose a portion of your health, and your opponent gains health. This is a game mode that rewards strategic gameplay and careful planning.

Survival: coming soon
Survival mode is the classic Minecraft experience. Youll need to gather resources, build your shelter, and fend off mobs while trying to survive. This is a great game mode for players who love exploration and adventure.

Odincraft is more than just a Minecraft server – its a community of Minecraft enthusiasts. We believe in fairness, sportsmanship, and respect for all players. Weve implemented a set of rules that everyone must follow to ensure that the game is fair for everyone. Our server is regularly updated to provide the best possible experience for our players, and we have a dedicated support team to help with any issues or questions.

We hope you join us on Odincraft and experience the ultimate Minecraft adventure.

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