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Survival Hardcore Legal Version 1.19.3


Server name: Survival Time

- Custom leveling up system, [you level up by doing the games objectives, (smelting, mining, killings mobs), so the more you progress in game, the more you progress in the server unlocking features, like dungeons etc]
- Custom Skills [similar to mcmmo, but my version of it, you level up just like if you were with mcmmo, but with extra abilities, abilities that you unlock after a certain level, everything is viewable through gui]
- custom enchants [not super unique but a cool feature I believe, since the server is rpg]
- Dungeons [with custom mobs, not very unique]
- advanced mobs [server is hardcore, so mobs are leveled up making them harder to kill if you dont have the proper equipment, but not impossible]
- enhanced caves [ have extra tweaks to make caves a bit more fun, like custom mobs, losing hunger faster, blindnesss etc]
- npc trading [trade custom mob drops to upgrade gear, still adding new drops etc]

I mean there are so many small features that I hope make the server distinctive.

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