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Our CSGO zombie game modes:

The various game modes on the subject of the undead give the game its name. Best of all is the CSGO co-op survival mode called Zombie Lair, in which four of you defend a base against zombie waves of increasing intensity. Via a crafting system you build defenses and specialize your character with ability points. This is a thoroughly entertaining affair with enough game depth, although the whole thing only offers a fraction of the building options and freedom of titles like Minecraft or DayZ. Also quite nice is the escape mode, in which you run away from zombies in course style to reach a transporter that will take you to safety.

Gameplay immature
Other modes, like Zombie Hero, on the other hand, are hard to bear. Here, all players start as soldiers normally, except for three who catch a zombie virus at the beginning of the round. The undead must then convert the other players. What sounds quite nice in theory is simply half-baked and boring in practice. The scenario always ends with all the soldiers on the map cs_italy, for example, taking refuge on the rooftops and shooting the undead from high up in the magazines.

And who wins is actually decided at the very beginning: With every zombie that the soldiers kill, the damage of the CSGO team increases by ten percent - after a few kills, even the strongest undead fall like flies. On the other hand, once some people are infected with the virus, it is very difficult to escape the undead, because the zombies have extremely high energy and turn a soldier into a living corpse with just one blow.

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