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#1 cracked lifestealsmp

We are a server network based on semi-vanilla and vanilla with an additional feature where you can steal other player’s hearts. If you kill someone, you receive their heart and the person you killed loses a heart, which will result in the killer having a maximum of 11 hearts and the victim 9. We also believe that the players and their playing experience come first. We take action to ensure players have the same advantage in PvP and survival, and we dont care whether you kill or raid someone. We have made a limit of maximum 50 hearts on our lifestealsmp server, and 30 on the hard server, which is more suitable for the fittest players who are looking for a real challenge.

- LifestealSMP
- Bedrock & java, Crossplay
- Cracked
- Crystalpvp
- Parkour
- Minigames

Server information
Port: 19132

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