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OWL Hub is a free shinobi game, where you can fight against other shinobis in a "distance fighting" system. The shinobi that the user control is the shinobi known as "Naruto". In OWL Hub, there are many different modes for the player to choose from: - Story mode : The story of OWL Hub. In this mode, you have to go through levels with different objectives and try to beat every battle without dying. This mode introduces new skills and deals with some battles from Narutos anime series.

- PvP battles : Here users can fight others online in an online match up. This is also a good training ground for people who play the game offline in the story mode. You can level up and fight shinobis from all over the world.

- Tournament : This is where shinobi life 2 users compete to become the best shinobi in the game by winning tournaments. At first, you have to be a shinobi at least lvl 10 in order to participate in this mode. Once every user like yourself has selected their characters, they enter into a no holds barred beatdown. The winner is whoever gets knocked out or surrenders last but if you lose once its all over.

- Arena : In this mode, users create teams composed of 4 shinobis and fight against other shinobis until you die. Your shinobi will be revived after every death and the shinobis that your team didnt use will be waiting for the next round to fight again.

- Survival : Just like arena, users can create a team of 4 shinobis. However this time, users have only one shinobi and they must defend themselves for as long as possible from an infinite number of waves of enemies trying to kill them by filling up their chakra bar and not getting killed by enemies. When you die, youll lose all your shinobis and you cannot buy more shinobis unless the wave ends or you survive until then.

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