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Survival Legal Votifier Server Version 1.16.5


MCTantrum has a wide variety of things to do for every type of Minecraft player. There’s so much to do, you won’t be getting bored for a long time. There’s tons of custom items and OP armor, weapons, and tools. If you like having some direction, we’ve got a massive ranking chain including a Prestiging system if you want something to do on the side of other projects, you can do quests to earn some extra cash or do some daily quests to earn tokens. MCTantrum also features a couple of epic plugins that were developed specifically for our server and were created by one of our players.

We pride ourselves on providing a well maintained, stable environment for all types of players, both new and experienced, young and old. There are 2 owners that do the best they can at moderating, helping players, and making sure everything is running as smoothly, and as bug free as possible. There are NO pay to win aspects, and we believe every player should have equal opportunity to become OP. We have, what we think, a very chill and laid back attitude all ages are accepted, and we have things to protect against griefing and cheaters. Theres an average of about 8-20 players on the regular. Come check it out, maybe its the server youve been looking for.

Some features include:

〚Events〛〚Economy〛〚DailyRewards〛〚Ranks〛〚Quests〛〚Slimefun〛〚SlimefunAddons〛〚Brewery〛〚Crates〛〚DynamicShop〛〚CrazyEnchants〛〚KeepInventory〛〚DynamicMap〛〚LandClaims〛〚Jobs〛〚Heads〛〚AuctionHouse〛〚ChestSort〛〚mcMMO〛 〚EpicSpawners〛〚MobMoney〛〚DiscordRanks〛〚SignShops〛〚VoteRewards〛〚pWarps〛〚UltimateTimber〛〚RandomTeleport〛〚PyroFishing〛〚DankTech〛〚OP Items〛〚Casino〛〚Parkour〛〚CharmTech〛〚SimpleStorage〛〚SlimeTinker〛〚TokenShop〛

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