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Survival PvP Legal Version 1.6.2


Welcome everyone. Welcome to WirelessNation. ^^

WirelessNation is a new server, with some of the old players of GriffCraft and FjossdCraft (two awesome servers that unfortunately had to stop). A server with a friendly community, and amazing players.
We, as owners of WN, have experience with having a server. _Kubus2302_ has had a server on his own with a friend of him, and FireFox47 has helped for a long time as admin and co owner on a few servers.
Together we hope to create an awesome server that many will enjoy, and many will love. We dont care about the amount of players, we care about the ambience on the server, and we care about everyone who joins. Like one big family )

The Rules

Rule #1 - No griefing or raiding

Rule #2 - No spamming, cursing or racism

Rule #3 - Respect all the other players

Rule #4 - No advertising

Rule #5 - Dont ask for ranks, gm or OP

Rule #6 - And of course, have fun. ^^

The Ranks
You start out as a traveler. You are a freshman, but the journey goes on..
Finally you settled down, the server starts to feel like a home
This ís your home. And you will defend it with your life
All went well. Youre reliable and loyal, now its your duty to help the others.
Youve become a true leader. Strong, wise and loyal, to lead the others.

Its your job to take care of the other ones building. Fix them and find the griefers.
You are a huge supporter of WirelessNation. Special and helpful.

Youre a trustworthy, loyal, helpful and amazing player. You will help others and punish the bad guys. )

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