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Survival PvP Vanilla Hardcore Legal Version 1.16.5


Hey. My name is FREX and I want you to join me on a new adventure – Minecraft: Survival of the Fittest.

Upon joining the server you will see that the world is hardcore(you can’t respawn) so you must be careful. Other players can kill you even though you just spawned, so try to make allies, it can help you survive more – or die faster. Be careful of who you chose to see as one of your friends.

You are allowed to do anything on this server, except for hacking or lagging the server.

If you die, don’t worry, you can always join the SMP server which isn’t hardcore. You can also claim your builds/terrain on the SMP server, but the rules are the following:

No griefing

No raiding

No bullying

No hacks

No chat spamming

No lag machines

No player traps

The game version will be 1.16.5

I am open to suggestions

Good luck, have fun

Use the /server lobby command to go to the hardcore server and /server server to go to the SMP server.

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