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Survival PvP Kingdom Factions Vanilla Legal Votifier Server Version 1.16.4


NEW.. Moon world..
Custom Earth server with Dynmap
- Active playerbase.
- 1:1000 Map size
- Jobs, ChestShops, Player Warps
- Custom Enchants, Custom Items, SilkSpawners
- Balanced Economy
- Has Discord
- Not Pay2Win

- Theres a really good anti-cheat. If you can find a way around it, though, you wont be in trouble.
- Swearing is ok. We don’t care.
- The staff members are seasoned players that I’ve personally known for a long time. Mature and chill.
- You cant be banned unless you’re building lag machines/straight up spamming racial or homophobic slurs.
- This is real geopolitics without admin-intervention.

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