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Survival PvP Minigames Legal Votifier Server Version 1.16.4


We are a fairly new SURVIVAL server Version 1.16.4 that takes pride in our player towns and friendly Community and friendly and helpful Staff. Large land claims, Customized ranks, Economy, Jobs, FRPG skill system, Pets/Mounts, Leveled Mobs, Dual Wielding, Portal Systems, Big Doors/ Bridges Plugin (Allowing players to add the perfect door or bridge to their builds with neat animation), Durability Alert, Semi-competative community. Hosting Events, Contests, Dungeons (both staff and player made), PVP Arenas, PVE/Mob Arenas, Custom Bosses and gear. QuickShop/Player Shops, Games and Minigames. (Including Boost, TNT Run, Chess, Boxing, Chat Games, And More.) Custom tools, weapons and armors, Custom rewards and Perks. Reward Crates. Still adding/building/configuring/editing. Hopefully up and coming. Open to suggestions. Hoping to expand our community. More people. More Fun. Come join the fun and our growing community. Visit the webpage. Vote. Grow with us.
FallOrRiseMC is LIFE.

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