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Survival Kingdom Vanilla Legal Votifier Server Version 1.16


RPG PVE experience with massive amounts of grinding, leveling, legendary loot and upgrades to find.

Do you want to become a DeathKnight in search of glory and fame by leveling up against elite mobs or custom bosss to grab the best loot in game? You can.

Do you want to become a priest, get married make a peaceful town and become a trader with player shops providing much needed items for those battle hardened veterans? You can.

Do you want to just fish for ancient artifacts and create the most augmented great white shark catching rod and win all our fishing tourneys? You can.

Do you want to mine and find ancient treasures while leveling up your mining skills and talents? You can.

Do you want to become the greatest swordsman who creates a nation to rule many towns and run a continent the way you choose? You can.

Do you want to be a mage that hunts Dragons to find legendary dragon eggs and treasure to share with your friends? You can. - a relaxed, friendly, community based, PvE MMO experience.

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