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Last vote Divvinity
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PvP Factions Legal Votifier Server Version 1.12.2


Schematica is allowed, just dont use the printer function...
Make whatever cannons you want, just no 0 tick farms.
Hacks are not allowed.

Earn ranks in-game
Custom Enchants
Custom GUI - everything you need in /menu
Vote for rewards

All Non Donor Ranks are reset on Server Reset
Chorus Fruit Disabled
Fly Disabled
RTP Enabled
EnderPearls Enabled
WorldBorder (All Worlds) 10k x -10k
KOTH is Randomly selected every 30min
Envoy is every 2h

**Elytras Disabled while combat tagged**
EnderPearls Allowed while tagged
Block Placing/Breaking Allowed while tagged

Kill Players in Warzone for Warzone Points
Duel Players for Duel Points
Duel Win = 2 Points
Duel Loss = 1 Point
Spend Warzone/Duel Points in /ranks or /f shop
Ranks Are Progressive, you must have the previous rank before you can get the next

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