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A kingdom is a group of people that share the same lands and resources.

Each kingdom has its own resource points, bank, upgrades, ranks, relation attributes and lands.

Kingdoms can create or join nations. They have their own tax equations that can be changed when collecting taxes from the members. If a kingdom doesnt have enough money in the bank to pay server taxes, itll be disbanded. New kingdom dont need to pay taxes for a few days.

You can rename your kingdom and set a lore for it using /k rename and /k rename commands. This will be displayed when a player moves to your land as a title, which is called land indicators.

Pacifism & Shields
Kingdoms can choose to be pacifist or not, theyre not pacifist by default. A pacifist kingdom cannot invade and cannot be invaded.

Kingdoms cannot go in pacifist mode after a certain amount of time after their last invasion.

Whether youre pacifist or not, you can also purchase shields from the nexus settings to stop kingdoms from invading you. New purchased shields will add to your kingdom time shield if any is active.

Shields costs and duration can be modified from guis - structures - nexus - settings - shields

Its preferred to remove the pacifism (by removing the option for the GUI) and use shields only. This will encourage and motivate player to earn more resource points to keep their kingdom safe. New kingdoms will get a free shield for few days to prepare.

Resource Points
Resource points are kingdoms currency. You can use them to buy turrets, structures, shields, ammos and upgrades. They can be produced from the Resource Points Converter in the kingdoms Nexus. Unlike the old Kingdoms, if you close the GUI after putting items in the GUI, itll return the items without converting anything. It works the same way if you use the Back button. You have to click Apply.

Powerups are common boosters (such as damage boost, damage reduction, arrow damage boost and regeneration boost) that only work when youre standing in your land. It doesnt matter where your target is standing or where your arrow landed.

Regeneration boost only works for eating regeneration, not any other regeneration such as the natural regeneration.

Kingdom and nation ranks are determined by their might (/k top and /k nation top).

When taxes are being collected (during the daily-checks-interval), the top 10 kingdoms and nations will be rewarded with money and resource points.

A nexus block is a structure that is the most important thing in your kingdom. These are some kind of "virtual" structures, meaning they dont have an item, they wont drop an item when broken, can be placed as many times as you want using /k nexus command and they will be removed automatically once a land is unclaimed or invaded.

Almost everything in your kingdom can be accessed and modified from your nexus such as ranks, upgrades, turret and structure shops, member list and etc...

If another non-ally kingdom mines your nexus, itll take a certain amount of resource points from your kingdom, so its important to cover your nexus properly.

In Kingdoms you can have the following relationship with another kingdom:

Neutral: You have no special relationship with this kingdom, or the target land or player doesnt belong to a kingdom.
Nation: Youre in the same nation with this kingdom without an individual relationship.
Ally: Youre allies with this kingdom.
Enemy: Youre enemies with this kingdom.
If youre in the same nation with a kingdom, you can still have an individual relationship with them.

Kingdoms can also have custom relation attributes. You can manage your kingdoms relation attribute by going to your nexus settings.

One important thing to know is that the relation settings only apply to the kingdom itself, it wont change for other kingdoms that have a relationship with the kingdom. For example if you have ceasefire attribute off for allies, but your allies have it on, you can attack any of your ally members, but they cannot fight back until they disable that attribute for allies as well.

A nation is a group of kingdoms that share the same relation attributes. Theyre made as a replacement for kingdom relations, however having a relation with another kingdom outside of the nation is still possible. Nations are quite similar to kingdoms except they dont have any upgrades. The kingdom that created the nation, is called the capital. The king of the capital is the king of the nation.

Nation taxes are collected after player taxes are collected for each kingdom. If a nation cannot pay the taxes after it collected the taxes from each kingdom, itll be disbanded.

Nations use the same options as kingdoms option for almost 70% of the settings in configs.

Benefits of joining a nation:

Increased max lands.
When a kingdom that is in a nation gets invaded, the capital kingdom champion will spawn.
Get notified when a kingdom that is a member of your nation gets invaded.
Nation shield can be used for all the kingdoms.
Nation Chat
Nation Ranks
Nation Zones

If your nation doesnt have a shield, players can invade any of the member kingdoms even if they have an active shield individually.
Nation pacifism state is forced for kingdoms.
When the capital champion is weaker than your kingdom.
Nation Zones
Nation zones are the lands around the capital lands. The default radius for zones are 1, meaning 3x3 chunks around the land. These zones are basically like Powercell structure, but they cannot be invaded, claimed or used for building by a kingdom that is not in the nation.

In order to access these lands, you have the invade all the claimed nation lands around the land (3x3). Nation zones are not shown in the map. If the capital claims a land next to a claimed land from another kingdom that is not in the nation, the claimed land will not be affected by nation zones if its inside of the 3x3 zone range.

Taxes are collected every 24hrs (real world time) by default from kingdom/nation bank. New kingdoms and nations are excluded from paying taxes for the first day by default.

Private Worlds
Private worlds is a world for just you. This is the only place you are allowed to build automatic farms. You start out with a small world and is you progress through the ranks your world will get bigger. (This feature is being developed as we speak. Currently you have to get a bigger world by resetting your world.)

Creating a world
You can create your private world with the command /ws get or from the GUI with /pwmenu

Go to your private world
You can teleport to your world with the command /ws home or from the GUI with /pwmenu

Leave your world
You can leave any private world with the command /ws leave or from the GUI with /pwmenu

Teleport to someones world
You can visit any private world with the command /ws tp Player or from the GUI with /pwmenu

Add a member to your world
You can add a members to your world by using the command /ws addmember Player or from the GUI with /pwmenu

Remove member from your world
You can remove a member from your world by using the command /ws delmember Player or from the GUI with /pwmenu

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