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Survival PvP Kingdom Hardcore Legal Version 1.15.2


✪Alfheim✪: Embark on an adventurous journey into the world ofAlfheim. Based on the world of Alfheim Online from the popular series Sword Art Online. Grow with 1 of the nine races you choose to claim the victory of meeting the Fairy King and evolve to the legendary ALF race.

✪Magic✪: What is Alfheim without its amazing magic? Move through quests and dungeons, advancing through different magics, obtaining new ones through rank, shops or events.

✪Quests✪: Challenge yourself with a vast array of quests and dungeons to fulfill the hearts of the need for adventure and growth.

✪Items✪: Customize and outfit yourself with the hundreds of custom weapons and armours within the world from monsters, quests, and shops. Weapons such as Axes, Swords, and Spears.

✪Mobs✪: Fight against many different custom mobs in dungeons and for quests, some of which will have rare drops.

✪Home✪: With all your loot and gear enjoy the life of normal Minecraft survival and build a place to call home.

✪Roleplay✪: Immerse yourself in a grand adventure throughout the server.

✪Alpha Exclusives✪: Currently all people who participate in the alpha gain a nice title. Ontop of that there will be events throughout the alpha that will grant a special weapon.

✪Release?✪: We are working hard on making this server the most immersive Alfheim Online experience you can get so please bear with us while we polish everything. Content is constantly being developed and tweaked through this time. It will be thanks to your effort that the world of Alfheim will shape as it does.

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