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PvP Skyblock Legal Votifier Server Version 1.15.2


From now until July 6th, 2020 all first time joining players will receive:
50k Money
1 Legendary Crate Key
10 MasterKey Crate Keys
1 Hour Fly Voucher
1 Essentials Kit Voucher
1 Diamond Tool Kit
1 Diamond Spawner
1 Sell Wand with 200 uses
1 Miner Minion

From Now until July 6th, 2020 The entire store will be 50% and every purchase made during this sale will give a MasterKey Crate Key to everyone online.

Features we have to offer:

775 different achievements
Custom Ore Generator
Auction House
Full Menu system
Player Chest Shops
Sell Wands
Stackable Spawners and Items
Ranks purchasble with in game money
Changeable prefixes
Change your prefix to any prefix you have unlocked at any time.
Turn obsidian back into lava if you make a mistake
Player Vaults
Minions to work for you
Tons of cosmetic items
Daily rewards
Vote rewards
Temp fly
Tons of ways to get temp fly time without spending real money
Ability to turn fly off so you dont waste your fly time
Voting rewards
Tons of vouchers
and much much more .

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