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Survival Vanilla Legal Votifier Server Version 1.15.2


Hi All.

Ive recently started up a server with the sole aim of imitating Hermitcraft.

The server is essentially vanilla, with some minor tweaks (such as mob stacking for performance and landclaim, for those people that just cant be trusted).

We have a custom shopping district that ive spent hours hand building and a custom spawn.

We even include most of the Hermitcraft datapacks, such as singleplayer sleep, statistic tracking (tab screen info), greyed names for the AFK, and customizable armor stands.

If youre interested in checking it out, come join the Discord at

Were Australian based, but that doesnt mean were not looking forward to having you check us out.

This is a fresh server, and were open to suggestions to edits. If you prefer custom mobs, an mmo inspired levelling system, custom items, or even something as crazy as a new world that mirrors the Nether/End, then let us know and we can consider.

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