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Survival Skyblock Legal Votifier Server Version 1.12.2


­čîŹProject Skyblock­čîŹ
Skyblock as it should be

The most up to date Skyblock server for 1.12.2 and above. Driven by the community, we strive to implement all the feedback from our players.
We are a one of a kind server. Your voice can and will be heard. Our skyblock features are made to fit perfectly into our server and provide for a smooth experience.

Core Features
- No pay to win
- Quests
- Spawner, Cobblestone Gen & Hopper upgrades
- Spawner Upgrades
- Custom Enchants
- BlackMarket
- Inventory pets
And much much more

Cobblestone Generator
Our Cobblestone generators are optimized to give you THE BEST skyblock experience there is. Upgrade your skyblock cobblestone generator to get the most out if it. From Cobblestone to diamonds, you will be rich.

Inventory Pets
Feel like having that little boost whilst having a small companion to help you out? We offer pets for your hotbar to help you out.
Even a squid has a use, if its treated right.

How to join
You can join us via: or visit our discord:

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