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Survival PvP Legal Votifier Server Version 1.14.4 - 1


EuroCraft is a geopolitical server with a custom made map of Europe.

The map:

EuroCraft uses a custom made map of Europe with custom trees, boulders, coral, caves, crops and much more. The map is scaled at 1:100 and a height scale of 1:35.
The map shows you where towns, cities and roads are located using paths for low urban areas, red terracotta for high urban areas, stone bricks for ports and black terracotta for airports.*
The dynmap shows you where everyone is on the map, it updates all players locations every 2 seconds, you can also see where all towns are located and the land they have claimed.


EuroCraft uses the plugin towny for claiming, you can make a nation and have different towns be part of your nation. Wars can also be held.
EuroCraft also has custom armor and enchantments from the plugins Zenchantments and Morearmors (see the links section).
An admin shop is implemented for the items that can not be found on the map.


EuroCraft has 1 rank: The Donor rank. Which provides extra features like being able to set up to 10 homes, /back, /top, /enderchest, /workbench and a lot more (see the links section for the store).




Store (also lists the donor perks):



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