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Survival PvP Factions Vanilla Cracked Votifier Server Version 1.8-1.15


Op Faction Server (1.8 To 1.15)
Non Pay 2 Win Community
Ip Adress:
Discord Link:
Website: @Comming Soon
Our Feature:
90+ Custom Enchant, Gkitz, Crates, Koth, Outpost, Bosses, Events
Envoy, Auction House, Gamble, Custom Tnt And Cegg, FTop
FWarp, FUpgrade, FChest, Custom Armor, Bounty, Genbucket,
Shockwave Tools, Custom Wands, Sellwands, Worldborder, Flat End,
SuperSponge, Custom Weapons, RPG Items, Custom Arrows, Playervault,
12 Ingame Ranks, Mobstack and More for you to see.
Join now to see our server content have fun and enjoy

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