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Survival Creative PvP Kingdom Factions Vanilla Skyblock Legal Votifier Server Version 1.15.2


Goliath MC:
We aim to offer a relaxed environment to fit all types of players.
Our staff are real people with real lives and will try to be on as much as possible.

We have 4 game types rolled into one server:
Towny Survival
Skyblock Survival with custom challenges
Creative World
PvP Factions world

This server includes custom Plugins written by the server Owner Idiotonastic.

Server rules can be a tricky thing but heres our attempt:
Be civil to other players and staff.
Dont use a modified client to gain an unfair advantage
Dont log out during PvP
Do feel free to suggest improvements to the owner.
No Griefing, except for in the Factions world.
Some of our more Notable plugins include:
MCMMO: allows you to play Minecraft as if it were an RPG, gaining levels and skill perks.
Towny: facilitates players in creating and managing their town.
Factions: Create a faction, hide your base, hunt other factions.
Epic-Spawners: Allows editing, placing and stacking of mob spawners.
Ultimate-Stacker: Stacks monsters and items in-game for smoother gameplay.

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