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Pandora Craft

Our Mission

If you’re looking for a semi-brand-new server, then look no further. While
we cannot promise that we’ll have amazing breath-taking features like
many other servers might advertise, what we can promise is that Pandora
Craft will be a server focused primarily on player interaction and
having fun. What that means in short is that we’re interested in
building a community centered around and shaped by you the player.
Features We Have to Offer

The Map

In addition to our main world, nether, and end, we have a resource and creative world.


both the Main World and Resource World are limited to 30k Blocks by 30k
Blocks in size, with the Creative World currently having no limit.

To Reset Or Not To Reset

To keep resources flowing and worlds fresh, we will be resetting the
Resource World (every month), Nether World (every month), and End World
(Every 3 Months). The Creative World is available to all players who
reach a certain rank, once you’ve reach that rank, you can spend all the
time you want building to your heart’s content.


We all love vanilla Minecraft, but the biggest problem with vanilla
Minecraft is that well… it’s vanilla. In order to make things a little
less vanilla, we’ve added a ton of different plugins to enhance your day
to day Minecraft life.

Advanced Enchantments:
This is our biggest game changing plugin with it adding over a hundred
different advanced enchantments. From being able to claim another
player’s head upon killing them, to being able to get xp from mining
blocks and everything in between.

We use Towny in order to claim plots and protect builds. While I could
go into lengthy detail here about how we use Towny, there is a special
Towny section below that will have all the information you’ll need.

Of course we have the stable of Minecraft Multiplayer Servers, mcMMO.
For the 9 of you who don’t already know, mcMMO adds MMO abilities like
Tree feller or Super breaker. With mcMMO, there are also stats to level
up and leaderboards to show who’s on top in what skill.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the world from a different view, you could
try viewing our map from your web browser. There you can see any of the
map that has been generated to get an idea of where you want to go and
what has been built. To view our dynmap, visit the Discord for the IP.

With having a 30k by 30k main world, walking to a specific location can
take forever. To combat this, you can use /wild in order to be randomly
teleported to a different location. That way your perfect home hunt
won’t take so long.

To protect your chests while inside a town or out, we use LWC or
Lightweight Chests. This plugin automatically locks chests you place,
allowing for you to keep your diamonds, or other cool items safe from
other players. You’re also able to allow your friends to access the
chests you want them too.

We’re an economy server by heart, which means you’ll need a way to make
money. Currently there are almost a dozen different jobs (explorer has
been disabled on this server) for you to join, level up, and make tons
of money in. These jobs will also have quests eventually which will
allow for you to get bonus money and items from doing the things you
were already doing to begin with.

We’ve set up 19 different ranks to rank up to with the PrisonRanksX
plugin. Ranking up will give you special features like /feed, different
daily kits, access to a creative world, and many more things. Not to
mention our highest rank will have the ability to Fly.

While voting isn’t required and will not be forced by any means at all,
doing so will grant you with Voter Keys and money. We currently use
Votifier/VotingPlugin for verifying and registering all votes received.

Mention above, you’ll receive keys from voting. We use CrazyCrates to
distribute rewards from keys obtained from voting. Using your keys, you
could get advanced enchantments, care packages, money and even mcMMO

Another way to make money would be to sell to other players. To make this process easy, we have Quick Shops, which make selling things so easy, you won’t even know you’re doing it.

To go along with Quick Shops mentioned above, we have a shop plot area
to allow players to set up shop and sell their tras---I mean valuables.
These shops are handled by AdvancedRegionMarket and can be accessed via a

If you’re feeling a bit lazy and don’t want to warp, we have
AuctionHouse which lets you put your items up for auction for all
players to bid on.

We all hate normal dungeons, there all the same, right? At least I
believe so. So we’ve added a custom dungeon plugin that creates massive
randomly spawning and generating structures for players to explore and
die in. This is all thanks to OhTheDungeonsYoullGo**.** Plus, with
MineableSpawners, you’ll be able to pick up any spawners you come
across, as long as you’re the proper rank first.

If you’re up for a bit of chat fun, we have ChatGames, which tests your
knowledge of Minecraft blocks against all other players. Getting it
right will reward you will Common Keys, so that’s good, right?

Information About Towny

Being a towny focused server, this is our main plugin. In order to help out
newer players first joining, both myself (NotTheodore) and
Ghost(Ghostifique) have opened a Newbie town. This town is open for
anyone to join and everyone can join if they want. The only caveat is
that after two weeks, you must leave the town to either create your own
or join another town. If you join the server and are worried about your
items or house being griefed, this might be just he thing for you.
You’ll also be given as much assistance as we can with anything you
might need help with. As long as it isn’t breaking the rules of course.
You’ll be able to build a house and store your items safely while you
work your way up the ranks, I recommend you check it out if you

Also, both Nations, and Wars have been enabled, so go crazy?

Features In The Works

To go along with a ton of features currently active, you also have many
things in the pipeline to look forward to, building contests, daily
rewards, quests, custom group tackled dungeons, community events (movie
night, game night, ect), implementing custom event mobs and events
throughout the year, and more cosmetic items, trails, and pets for all
players to enjoy. We’re also looking for suggestions for features and
plugins that you would like to see on this server.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for community driven players. Those who won’t mind being
patient for features or plugins as we try and work out bugs that may
occur within our system of plugins. We are considered a Mature (17+ Age)
server but by no means will reject any player that is interested in
playing. We are also looking for those who don’t mind suggesting
changes/features that will shape the server into the ideal spot for
everyone. Lastly, we’re looking for staff and builders that can assist
with daily tasks (More information about this to come soon on the

Important Things to Consider

Were currently in active beta, which means youre more than likely to run
into something that isnt working properly. Were hoping to get players
who can help stress test the various features and plugins so that we can
improve and perfect them. Another thing to consider is that we arent
server owning experts and because of that, we may take longer to
properly configure files or add the right plugin, but we are more than
willing to work through that if youre willing to work with us.
Currently, were tweaking the config files for both Jobs and Mcmmo in
order to make them a bit more balanced for all.

Rules Of The Server

There will be more information regarding our rules on our Discord Server linked below.

1. Dont Ask For Ranks, Items, Or Money

2. Dont Harass Staff or Players

3. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Ect Is NOT Allowed

4. Global Chat Should Be Kept To English Only

5: Dont Spam the Chat

6: Keep Politics and Other Things Like It Out of Global Chat

7: Staff Say Is Final

8. Do Not Claim To Close To Another Town or Build Too Close To Another Town

9. Use Of Hacks, Exploits, Mods, or Hacked Clients Is Prohibited

10. Machines To Bypass Systems On The Server/Or Machines That Lag The Server Are Not Allowed

11. Impersonating Players On The Server With The Intent To Scam Is Not Allowed

12. Griefing of Unprotected Chests Is Allowed*

13. Do Not Set Homes In Restricted Locations

14. No Alternative Accounts

Discord – Click Here For Our Discord

If you’ve made it this far and are interested in giving Pandora Craft a
try, we would recommend first joining our Discord Server. It’s the best
way to get information regarding changes made to the server and up
coming events or parties that we might hold. It’s also the best way to
get in touch with other players that join the server and staff members
if you need any assistance.

FFAQ – (Fake Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: It took you guys 5 years to update to CURRENT VERSION, but
NEWER VERSION is just around the corner, how long will it take
you to update to the newest release???

Theodore Says: That depends on a ton of complicated things. One of the main
factors to hold us back would be plugins. If the plugins we use aren’t
updated, it wouldn’t really make since to break the server because
something new is out.

Q: What’s the Ip? I love the idea of this server and want to

Ghostifique Says: It’s at the top, but because you asked nicely

Q: Help. Someone is chasing me and you’re my only hope at survival...

Theodore Says: Whelp, maybe you could check out our server before your untimely end?

Q: I joined the server before and it was Sh*ty. Why should I give it another chance?

Ghostifique Says: We’re working towards creating a not so sh*ty server and in order
to do that we need feedback, if you’ve joined the server and didn’t
like something, how about giving us another try and voicing your
concerns? We’re more than willing to listen.

Q: Can I use X mod?

Theodore Says: Well, message me on Discord with a link to the mod page. I’ll
take a look at it and determine whether or not it’s alright to use. You
can also visit the Mods section on the Discord to find currently
accepted mods.

Q: Is this the Krusty Krab?

Ghostifique Says: No, this is Pandora Craft.

Q: Do you guys have factions?

Theodore Says: No, currently we aren’t focused on factions. However, this can change in the future depending on player feedback.

Q: I was banned for hacking, why did you ban me????

Ghostifique Says: Are you serious?

Q: Did Ghostifique actually send in her responses?

Theodore Says: Are you suggesting that I am so lonely that I would create fake
responses for someone else? What’s next? Are you going to ask me if I
created all these questions too? That would be ridiculous.

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