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Survival Factions Vanilla Skyblock Cracked Votifier Server Version 1.20.4


[center]Experience a brand new Minecraft adventure unlike any you have tried before in CubivalCraft[/center]

CubivalCraft is a Minecraft server that supports both cracked and premium users, located in Singapore. Powered by our very own CubivalHost service, this means we have direct access to the server files, resulting in very little downtime as well as fast updates. Additionally, the majority of our funding goes toward maintaining our above average hardware, allowing players to enjoy their Minecraft experience with the least amount of limitations possible.

Managed by veteran Minecraft enthusiasts, CubivalCraft contains some of the most highly rated and popular plugins that, when brought together, offers a much longer playtime than vanilla Minecraft.

[center]Top Features in CubivalCraft:[/center]

- Grief Prevention: Protect your lands and build to your hearts content without needing to worry about griefing. With generous offerings of claim amounts, you can be the owner of a literal empire.

- Extensive Economy System: While CubivalCraft does not have a jobs system, we do have a currency system with which players can buy or sell items in a server shop. There is also an Auction House feature where players can buy or sell to each other.

- Slimefun: The most popular Minecraft expansion. CubivalCraft offers core Slimefun and some of the more useful Slimefun addons, with very little nerfs and removed features. Build automated factories, sophisticated machines or magical altars.

- Grindable Ranks System: Move up the ranks just by playing. Unlock useful perks like the ability to pick up a mob spawner by spending time in CubivalCraft. We promise you there is no pay-to-win in this server.

- Custom Items: Custom ores, custom farming, custom fishing, custom food. Need we say more? There are so vast an amount of custom items in CubivalCraft you will not even realize you are playing the same game that is Minecraft.

- Custom Enchantment: The highly popular plugin for the players who like a little more oomph in their equipment. Make weapons that can one-shot your most hated mob, or armors that make you nearly invincible.

- Dungeons: Building and exploring not your thing? Then suit up and challenge the CubivalCraft dungeons. Battle special mobs as well as bosses that drop special items which allow you to purchase rare commodities to add to your collection.

- Extensive Resource Pack: All the features would not look fun if they are just palette swaps of vanilla textures. Worry not, for CubivalCraft has a very extensive resource pack that changes the way nearly everything looks. This includes the Slimefun and Custom Items plugins. We even have furniture items. All you need is the Optifine plugin.

- Battle Pass: Need some goals to work towards? With an extensive amount of quests and highly enticing rewards to go along with them, the Battle Pass will surely keep you occupied for a long time, if the other features have not already.

- Plots: Are you looking for a server that have plots system? Yes, we have plots that able to let you build anything and also allowing you to sell your goods by creating a chestshop.

Join us today at and experience the ultimate Minecraft adventure. Dont forget to update to version 1.20.2 - 1.20.4 and install Optifine to enjoy our stunning textures.

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