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MultiCraft: Legends is a new minecraft server that introduces a unique play-style that allows players to create their own content. We have taken aspects from Sword Art Online (anime), Ready Player One (movie/book), Diablo (game), and numerous other creative worlds and mashed them together. What came after nearly 6 years of building and tweaking is a world that breeds creativity and ingenuity.
MultiCraft: Legends is made up of "floors". The first floor is the main city where you can own your own home, business, and enormous guild hall. On each floor there is a dungeon that you need to beat to ascend to the next floor. The floors are strictly PvE and provide gear drops that may need to be identified to get the most out of it. There is also another floor that is dangerous but yields very high rewards called The Field of Legends. Here PvP is active and anything can be built and destroyed, there are higher tiered drops here too.
What we set out to change about the average minecraft server is the self sufficient end. We have all been there, youve built everything and have everything, now youre bored. MultiCraft: Legends has a unique profession system that requires players to trade and barter for supplies that are essential to crafting anything of note. Upon entering the world you will choose from 9 professions and then begin your journey.
We have also created this world so a players imagination is the limit. You can decide to do anything you want. Maybe you dont care much for the grind so you become a thief and sneak into peoples holding in the field of Legends, or you want to be an honest merchant who buys low and sells to the guilds for a profit, or maybe youre a bandit and create a mine that you charge miners to enter and use, or you are the owner of a well known tavern where you hold auctions. The world is yours for the taking the only limit is your creativity and determination. Will you become a legend above others in MultiCraft: Legends?

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