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Survival PvP Legal Votifier Server Version 1.14.4


ElementalCraft is a full English McMMO Hard Survival server. We run on the latest mc version.

The server has anti-cheat protection. Griefing is allowed, but not over the top griefing(wiping). We give out free ranks for people that build big and nice builds, these builds will get claimed by staff if you ask so. This means they wont be able to get griefed.

Were not just a normal Survival Server, we have some special things like:

- McMMO: A plugin that lets you get levels in basically everything you can do, from swordmanship to mining. If you get higher levels you unlock special skills.

- Mob money drops: Mobs drop money at our server. Killing mobs is an extra source of income for you.

- Auction house: You can open the Auction House using /ah. This opens a screen where you can see the stuff that people are selling on there. /ah help for more commands.

- Happy Hour: Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday we have a Happy Hour at 8pm CEST. This means that you will get double the mob drop money and double McMMO xp.

- We give out free ranks that you can earn by building.

And theres a lot more.

The server difficulty is hard.

We hope you will have fun playing on ElementalCraft.

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