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Survival PvP Factions Legal Version 1.14.4


Vanguard is a large scale Medieval Empire building server that runs on a 20x20k procedurally generated map. The server is constantly updated to keep up with new features, including the latest 1.13 & 1.14 Villages and Pillagers update. Complete with a custom plugin called ‘Civs’, you and your people are able to construct useful and meaningful buildings that have a range of uses, such as passively generating resources for your Empire, or defending your people and land from attacks. The server experience is reinforced with many other features including Custom Crafting, a custom Smeltery plugin, Magic, a Physical Currency, Dungeons, Mythic Mobs and much more.
We also maintain an in-depth RP diplomacy forum where nations can negotiate deals and post official written documents about the lore and theme of their nation. You may also stake claims of regions, or make use of our Casus Belli System to declare war and crush your enemies. These features work in unison to forge the premier nation or Empire building server: We welcome your arrival.
Will you build a Nation that can stand the test of time?
For a more in-depth look at our plugins, please see our website wiki. Thank you.


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