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Canadian Craft
The Canadian Craft and brand is a startup Minecraft server with soon to be an extensive variety of game modes and different servers.Canadian Craft was founded on September 9th 2019 and has major goals including but not limited to Factions, Survival, Minigames, Creative, and more in the short future. Currently our main server, Skyblock, Is loaded to the brim with fun new islands, Interesting game mechanics, and plugins beyond your wildest dreams. Here at Canadian Craft we strive to put details first and ensure our players satisfaction, you got a problem? Never be afraid to message an admin and ask for help, we will drop whatever we’re doing and give you our undivided attention until the issue is resolved.

Skyblock is currently our main and only server, as mentioned it is filled to the brim with plugins, game mechanics, and specialties you’ll love, as a kid I always had the most fun in skyblock with all the challenges but back then I would never have even dreamed of a server such as this and thats why we’re so excited to bring it to you and we look forward to seeing you there.

Factions Is in the plans, hopefully in the near future we would like to start development of a secondary factions/kitpvp server with fully raidable wilderness, boss battles, kits galore, and canon designs strong enough to blow the wind out of ya.

Survival is also in the works but will hopefully launch later this year, our survival server will be fully kitted out for the most opportune experience for the builders, miners, and enchanters alike featuring player shops, Towny style Claims, no grief rules, and a whole world to explore.

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