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Welcome to the land of Epsolon

In the beginning, there was nothing. All that existed were a few shapeless beings floating aimlessly throughout an endless void. At some point in this cycle of nothingness, the beings we know as Vitana and Mirtis collided. They became drawn to each other, and no matter how hard they tried to return to their normal cycle, they couldn’t escape each other.

Over time, they accepted their fate: to be kept together forever. And eventually, they fell madly in love. They decided to create an oasis a place where they could spend the rest of eternity together. Once their world was built, Vitana and Mirtis developed physical presences. After a while, Vitana became pregnant with the twin Goddesses: Kalea and Kalei. They were happy for a time.

Vitana wanted to share some of her happiness, so she created the elves in her image. She spread them across the world her and Mirtis created, which they called Epsolon. Mirtis was furious.

Mirtis and Vitana argued endlessly over Vitana’s creation, and when she refused to get rid of them, Mirtis took it into his own hands. He flew into the clouds and searched for any elves he could find, killing them and destroying their souls. In order to combat Mirtis’ rampage across Epsolon, Vitana created the humans, a warrior race, and gave them a blade strong enough to hurt a god. She instructed the strongest among her new creation to pick their most promising warrior and train them to defeat Mirtis.

This warrior was Ageleos. While he was being trained, Mirtis continued his killing spree on the elves, and one day, he came across a human settlement. He began slaughtering the men, women, and children of this settlement. That is until Ageleos marched into the settlement, an army at his back. Mirtis smirked as he began his descent to destroy Ageleos’ army, but as he started slicing through the men and their horses, Mirtis was suddenly knocked out of the sky by Godsbane: the legendary sword destined to stop him. As he skidded across the ground, Ageleos let out a battle cry. He approached Mirtis, sword in hand. As Mirtis attempted to get off the ground, Ageleos smashed his leg with the butt of his sword. The God of death was defeated.

When Ageleos reached Deorum, the home of Gods, he threw Mirtis at his lovers feet. Vitana looked down at Mirtis, tears in her eyes as she vanquished him to another realm where he could threaten her children no more. She agreed that if her children were suffering, she would send them to Mirtis’ dimension. So Mirtis and Vitana, once madly in love, decided never to cross over into the opposite realm, sealing their fate of separation for all of eternity.

As a reward for his bravery and strength, Vitana gifted Ageleos with people of his own: the dwarves. She also made him immortal, so that if any other dark force threatened her people, he would always be there to protect them.

And that is how the story of Vitana and Mirtis, the lovers ended, but the end of their story is only the beginning of yours. You are either a Human, Elf, or Dwarf in the land of the living. You have the power to control your life. Will you be a king, waging war or peace across the land, or will you be a farmer, supplying food to your fellow men? Or perhaps a slave, destined to serve for your whole life? What will become of you? Only the Gods know.

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