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Survival PvP Kingdom Minigames Factions Vanilla Cracked Votifier Server Version 1.7.10


Welcome to AncarNetwork
(How to join - below)

There are couple of features which permit to immerse yourself in an unique experience
- Incredibly big map with over 50 biomes with unique features, over 50 new types of trees, many new animals
- Each region is inhabit by different npcs, which have different items and builds
- You can choose to be part of a kingdom, improve it, rule it and fight for it
- You can do war to others, you can hire armies and also slaves which work your land
- A bunch of realism in a fantasy world, not anymore god apples, not anymore diamond as armor or tools. Diamond is just a precious stone which a certain value, there are over 30 new minerals and many metal alloys which you can forge.
- There are drinks which have a certain process of making (each has a different recipe inside the barrel, and you need to wait to fermentate it, more you wait more the drink will be alcoholic)
- Even if wars are an important thing in the server (often there are battles up to 25 players with armies), you can also live peacefully in your lands. There is a claim system and grief is forbidden (expecially grief of structures such as cities and forts). There are some 4 years old cities in our server.

In order to join our Server, you need:
- Minecraft 1.7.10 Client (join discord for help)
- ForgeMod 1.7.10 (join discord for help)
- Latest Lord of The Rings Mod (join discord for help)
- Server IP: (If doesnt work, join discord)

If you need help, join our discord:
Download the latest Lord of The Rings Mod Version here:

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