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Survival PvP Vanilla Hardcore Cracked Version 1.13.2


OasisPH is a Vanilla minecraft server that seeks fun and fair play experience. This server aims to be:
1. Hard to master but very rewarding if you could

2. Clean - it is not like your typical survival/faction server which are very cluttered with a bunch of useless stuff on your screen

3. Fast - the server is mainly built out of custom plugins which makes it blazingly faster than other survival servers

4. Vanilla experience - while this server might be openworld we strive to not limit the users capability this means that you get to visit the nether and end (to fight with the dragon) have more than 20 blocks of render distance (unlike other servers) with no lag.

5. Newbie friendly. - if youre new to minecraft survival servers or minecraft multiplayer in general this is the best way to start. we have tutorials that are easy to understand with links to videos.

In this server, you can:
•Go to the nether or end world.
•Have more than 20 blocks of render distance
•Experience lag-free unlimited minecraft world.
•Fight custom server bosses such as BombKing
•Get to play our newly added minigames such as TNTRun

This server includes:
•Ranks and perks
•Voting rewards
•VIP Ranks
•And active staff.

Its also open for all, cracked / premium mcs.

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