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Our server is based around being a playground where theres a ton of unique Classes/Jobs, and is very heavily customized, we have unique things that have never before been seen in other servers, or even considered. We have very dedicated hard-working staff members.

Our Free VIP option is actually very true, we do have Donator Classes, however you can purchase those Classes with in-game currency, such as Pointshop Points, for free.

Plus we do weekly Donator Rank give-aways to those who wish to participate and try their luck.

Our server is very heavily optimized, and if theres any form of issue, Void Communitys Staff will get right onto trying to fix any problems ASAP, whether its bugs or players or any possible chance of a corrupt staff member.

We mainly run everything off of our Discord:

But we have a Steam Group:

We look very forward to seeing you.

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