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Survival PvP Vanilla Legal Votifier Server Version 1.14.3


Nightly Server Co - Semi-Vanilla Remastered
The goal is simple, survive. Here at Nightly Server Co, we have created a unique experience for players alike to adhere to the conditions of vanilla Minecraft, while having economical and protective additions to their gameplay. When you join, you will be introduced by our top tier staff members, who maintain a mature, yet friendly environment to create the most enjoyable community possible.
Our additions include, but are not limited to:
Grief Prevention (This gives you the ability to claim a corner-to-corner chunk of land, forbidding outsiders from destroying/building on said land)
Auction House (This plugin will allow players to auction items in their inventory for certain prices, following a stable economy system)
LWC (This will allow you to protect chests, doors, switches, or any specific items not covered by Grief Prevention)
Voting For Rewards (We have a completely intact, up to date voting system that helps us advertise our servers on the largely trafficked sites. When you vote in-game, rewards will be sent to your inventory. After so many votes, prizes can be won)
Buycraft Donation Store (Our donation store provides the user with purchaseable ranks, rank upgrades, keys, and other small bundles of add-ons to enhance your gameplay)
Jobs (Jobs are an essential part of economical gameplay, and pay the player in-game currency for skills they can pick from, and acquire levels as they play more)
Our server is hosted in Montreal, Canada as statistics have shown it to be the most significant location for maximum server connectivity throughout North America. With that being said, connections made through countries other than those within North America still have high connectivity and should not have a lot of lag.
We hope you enjoy your time with us on the server.

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