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Survival Legal Votifier Server Version 1.19.4


Welcome new traveler to kekCraft. This server is a playground
to try new features and play the game in a different way.

Custom World Generation
kekCraft is using datapacks made by Stardust Labs for all 3 dimensions.
Terralith, Amplified Nether and Nullscape.

We offer our players many of the common plugins other servers offer such as
CMI, GriefPrevention, Jobs, MCMMO, DiscordSVR, ChestShop and PlayerWarps.
As well as a few others. We also use ItemsAdder to add new blocks into the game.

When you vote and as you play the game you will earn GamePoints. These can be used in
the in-game store to unlock upgrades, features and cosmetics to enhance your time in the server.
These points are all earned in-game and can not be purchased. This keeps the server anti pay-2-win.

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