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Available on 1.14.3.

A low-fantasy 18+ roleplay server which encourages and rewards good rp and abhors mary-sues.

A small cluster of islands, collectively known as Leonia, has become home to four different races -- the humans, the halflings, the dwarves and the elves. Each with their different histories and goals, these peoples are faced with the mysteries of the isles and the monsters which roam the wilderness.

Here at Leonia we cater to all sorts of rp, not just combat-orientated like many other servers we wish it to be as easy and fulfilling to roleplay a simple baker in one of our settlements as it would be to play a grizzly monster-hunter.

To make the roleplay experience as immsersive as possible, we have a basic resource system, forums and plugins such as the Brewery plugin and ChairsReloaded.

Check out our enjin forum for more information and we hope to see your app soon.

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