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Server statistics
Votes 2014
Last vote gamerdonkeys
Status Online
Uptime 100 %

Survival PvP Factions Votifier Server Version 1.14.3


-=Diamond PvP=- Survival | Factions | Economy

- No TNT Raiding
- Bored of obby bases? Scared of xrayers finding your bases?
- Build beautiful, huge and awesome bases without the fear of someone blowing them up.
- Raiding allowed, but explosions are disabled.

- Kill faction members, trick them, find gaps in their bases and steal their stuff, or be cheeky, join and betray them.

- Friendly, new and exciting server.

- No overpowered weapons / items. Find epic or legendary items with rare enchants that may make you stand out.

- Awesome common, rare, legendary or epic cosmetic items.

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