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Survival Kingdom Vanilla Legal Votifier Server Version 1.14.4


**** Welcome To The MC Banters Survival Server ****

MC Banters was started as a result of a very stupid pathetic ban.
We are a simple banter chill server here for the fun and giggles of the game.

Build anything from a simple home to a massive town with your friends, make a community or go it alone, all are welcome
Protect your land/buildings by using our claims system.
Add friends and mail one another with our friends system.
Sell your hard earned items for cash or use your cash to buy items, the shop system is community based, 1 player can mine and sell others can buy, if no one has sold an item to the shop no one can buy it, this brings in the community of money makers and spenders.
Tame pets have a buddy, make a farm ride a horse all is possible.
Voting can get you better ranks with more perms for functions, but none of this will give you a hand up in the game must be fair for all item rewards will not be given for voting.
At this time we dont have any stupid games or extra servers, we may bring in some fun games within the world for the community but once again nothing that will give anyone a hand up in the game.

Rules are pretty simple...

Be over 16 years of age or not just tell mummy if you can take what you give your welcome.

No Crying, this is one of the ways you can get kicked or banned, cry as someone locked you in a trap room... o come on its a server with commands to go home you cant get trapped, if someone is bothering you move away from them then they cant do it, if someone insults you or your family and you get upset by them probs best not to be here its just a joke take it that way or go away.

PVP is allowed but PKing is NOT, if you want to have a fair fight with someone wicked enjoy your self, running around killing players to steal items is not cool and can result in a Ban or account wipe.

If you like the sound of that then see you soon when you come join MC Banters.

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