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Votes 2133
Last vote luumiz
Status Online
Players 7 / 80 (48 minutes ago)
Uptime 99.69 %

Survival PvP Vanilla Legal Votifier Server Version 1.14.2


**UPDATE** As of 5/30/19 We have added a new PVP Arena available from the Spawn Warp.

AirCraft is a brand new server with 10-15 active members and were looking to expand our player base.

About us: AirCraft is a BRAND NEW(Formed May 13th) semi-vanilla Survival Multiplayer Server that offers players the freedom to take a wild warp and build however they please. PVP is allowed here, but we have Grief Prevention so your builds are guaranteed protected. We have friendly and experienced staff members that are willing to help you when you need it. We also have a rewarding ranking system and votifier enabled so you can earn ranks and additional sethomes.

If youre looking for a new server to join with a small but a fun and active player base, then come join us at:

Server Addess:


[1] No spamming, advertising, or links in chat.
[2] Griefing and raiding is NOT permitted and will be rolled back (includes unclaimed/abandoned builds).
[3] Hacked Clients, duping(of any kind), and x-ray are not permitted.
[4] No racism, hate speech, harrassment, or excessive swearing.
[5] Respect other players and staff.
[6] No scamming in trades. No gambling or casinos.
[7] PVP is permitted in unclaimed land. No TP killing.
[8] If a staff member asks you to end a conversation, end it.
[9] English only in main chat. Use /msg or /local to speak other languages.
[10] Do not claim within 100 blocks of someone else without permission.

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